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Rappelling: The Perfect Christmas Present

Rappelling: The Perfect Christmas Present

With Christmas fast approaching, gift-giving is in the air. Unless you’ve been super organised this year and ticked off everyone on your list already, chances are you still have a few presents to find!

More often than not, those last few presents are the hardest to buy; those friends and family members who seem to have everything! Rather than searching tirelessly until Christmas Eve for the perfect present – only to give up and purchase a trusty JB voucher or classic Bonds underwear – why not give a gift with a difference?

These days, teenagers and adults alike often have all the mod cons. Flashy smart phones, tablets, coffee machines – the list goes on. CDs went out the door with music downloads and Spotify, books became old when it was possible to buy a Kindle instead, and DVDs were no longer required once Netflix entered the country.

However, there’s one present that will never end up on the scrap heap or go out of fashion: experiences.

Give the gift of adventure!

If you’re buying for someone who seemingly has everything, think about what they can do, not what they could have. An experience lasts a lifetime! Of course, different experiences appeal to different people. Not everyone wants to jump out of a plane, while many aren’t interested in taking a ride in a V8 supercar.

However, there is one experience that does suit a wide range of different people: rap jumping.

You may never have heard of it before – but perhaps that’s the beauty of it! Rap jumping is essentially a highly advanced form of freestyle rope work; it’s commonly referred to as ‘forward’ abseiling and this essentially describes how it works. Here at Rap Jumping, we use a forward SRT rappel method developed by the Australian SAS. This method is commonly referred to as the ‘Aussie Rappel’.

So when it comes to buying rap jumping as a Christmas present, who is it suitable for? Well the truth is, just about anyone! By offering two different courses, we’re able to cater for complete beginners who are afraid of heights, through to adrenaline seekers with a love of extreme sports. Our beginners’ course is designed to teach people the basic skills and procedures involved in learning how to abseil; here, we utilise the traditional backwards descent that is less scary and ideally suited to those who may be grappling with their fear of heights! The beginners’ course is a great present for young and old, and is often used as a stepping stone to try out rap jumping – who knows, if they complete the beginners’ abseil and want to step up to the challenge, you may have their next birthday present sorted as well!

If you have a friend or family member with a keen eye for adventure and a penchant for adrenaline, our Ultimate Experience rappelling course is the ideal option. Here, they’ll be treated to our Aussie Rappel style (forward facing) descent complete with expert training by our qualified instructors. We’ll also record the jump in HD on a GoPro, so they’ll be able to relive the moment they leapt face first off a seven storey building for many years to come!

Both of our courses are held at Urban Central, a seven storey budget accommodation building in the heart of Southbank, Melbourne. Being centrally located, it’s easy to get to by car and public transport. The building also has a large rooftop deck, meaning there’s plenty of room for friends and family to come along and watch – that’s right, you’ll have the opportunity to see your Christmas gift in action! We also provide a discount for those staying at Urban Central, so if you’re really looking to spoil someone special there’s always the option of combining a rap jumping course with a night out on the town at beautiful Southbank!

Make a booking today – just in time for Christmas!

If you know someone with a sense of adventure who’d love to take the leap this holiday season, contact Rap Jumping™ today and make a booking. With regular weekend lessons and mid week session on a Wednesday – as well as the choice of our two different courses – you’re sure to find an option that suits.

With an emphasis on fun, adrenaline and self-achievement, rap jumping is a gift that will never be forgotten.