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Top 8 Activities for Adrenaline Junkies

If you are one of those people who love the feeling of adrenaline in their veins, Victoria  has plenty to offer. From hot laps in a V8 supercar, to rappelling face first down a seven storey building, this list is for the adventure seekers amongst us.

1. Take in the view while skydiving.

Are you a tad scared of heights, but love the rush anyway? Skydiving is the original adrenaline activity – and you don’t have to travel all that far from Melbourne to do it. Whether you experience the breathtaking views of the Great Ocean Road, or enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Yarra Valley, skydiving is one of those things you have to try at least once!

2. Leap face first off a building.

Rap jumping – otherwise known as “Aussie Rappel” – is essentially abseiling with a difference. When you abseil, you face the vertical and descend backwards, often quite slowly. Adventure seekers are bound to appreciate the adrenaline on offer at Rap Jumping, where you can jump face first from a seven storey building (right in the heart of Melbourne) and descend at your chosen speed. With experienced instructors to guide you, it’s 100% safe – but that doesn’t mean this type of rappelling won’t get your adrenaline pumping!

3. Drive a V8 supercar.

Visit Sandown Racecourse and hit the track in a V8 supercar. Learn from the best and drive a lap yourself, or buckle up for the ride of your life with an experienced race driver behind the wheel. Either way, it’s sure to fuel your adrenaline!

4. Experience unrelenting g-force in a fighter jet.

Ever wondered what it feels like to be in one of those fighter jets that scream across the sky? Well, why not take a ride in one! Whether you want to find out what it’s like to travel at speeds of more than 500 kilometres per hour, or have always wondered how the pilots cope when upside down, this ride will answer all your questions. Fighter jet flights are no longer running out of Essendon Airport, however a day trip north to Echuca is all it takes to discover the experience of a lifetime. Flights are catered to your requirements, whether you want to take it easy or go full-throttle!

5. Redefine the meaning of 4X4.

If you’re a fan of hitting the four wheel drive trails – or simply get excited when the road gets rough – then you’ll appreciate the experience on offer at Avalon Raceway. Get behind the wheel of an extreme 4WD vehicle and tackle courses that include drop offs, crevices and walls – it’s amazing the sort of obstacles these vehicles can navigate! Located just 40 minutes from Melbourne and 20 minutes from Geelong, it’s a day trip that is well worth the drive.

6. Surf iconic breaks.

Okay so you’re not going to surf Bells on your first day, but with practice you might get there eventually! Torquay Surf Academy offers lessons in various locations along the coast, with beginner-friendly Torquay being the closest to Melbourne. While frolicking in the whitewash might not get your adrenaline pumping initially, you’ll soon feel that rush once you find your feet. There’s nothing quite like mastering the art of carving up a wave – and with expert tuition you’ll be channelling Mick Fanning in no time.

7. Overcome obstacles with parkour.

Parkour – which is the art of moving through any environment at speed – allows you to use your mind and body to overcome physical obstacles. Parkour lessons are available in Melbourne, and cater to complete beginners as well as those looking to take their skills to the next level. Build strength and fitness, whilst feeding your adrenaline addiction!

8. Fly through the treetops.

Ever wondered what it’s like to fly through the trees like a glider? Thanks to Trees Adventure, it’s now possible to experience the forest from a different perspective. Offering a premier tree top ropes experience, you’ll be swinging, climbing and flying through the canopies in no time. With super fast zip lines extending for more than 100 metres, it’s the perfect way to get your adrenaline kick.

9. Get up close and personal with a shark.

Sharks are fearsome creatures that rule the ocean – so why not jump in a tank and swim with them? While it might sound crazy, this is exactly what you can (safely) do at Melbourne Aquarium. Shark Dive Xtreme allows you to enter a 2.2 million litre ‘oceanarium’, coming face to face with some pretty large, toothy fish. Basic scuba dive training is provided, meaning it’s perfectly suited to those with little or no previous diving experience. It truly is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

Victoria is a top location for those who love extreme sports. With so many options to choose from, you’re certainly not in any danger of completing your bucket list too soon!