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We're Back!... Sort Of

Derek Rap Jumping at Urban Central
Rap Jumping at Urban Central May 2015

Okay, let get straight to it. The questions you're just hanging for us to answer. Are we back to throwing people off the tops of building? Are we back to helping people challenging & conquering their fears? Are we back to providing an escape to your mission impossible or James Bonds fantasies?

No. We are not.

As much as myself and past instructors would LOVE to get back on the wall, at this stage, it is not happening.

What Happened in 2020?

2020 was a big year and a lot happened very early on. Victoria suffered massive bushfires. During which, I had to cancel some pretty big weeks in our Peak Season due to the smoke from the fires blanketing the city. Health alerts for exercise were issued due to the poor air quality. The general advice was to avoid physical activity outdoors, especially when the air quality was poor. This was because exercise increases the intake of air, which means more fine particles from the smoke could be breathed deeper into the lungs

It would have been pretty negligent to allow my staff and customers to conduct strenuous activity breathing in the smoke.

And then there was COVID-19. I hope I don't have to explain this one too much, but this did have a big impact on us as well. As for Urban Central Backpackers. they closed down, building was demolished and now a new 30 storey apartment complex is getting built.

You could say this was the One-Two knockout combination that ended the business.

Why are we Back?

Simple. Rap Jumping is not just about the activity. It is a Legacy and a way of being. To the past instructors it is a memory of a dear friend and mentor Macka Makail who started this journey back in '89. To our close friends and family, its a memory of the fun times and adventures. To some of the many fearless ones out there across the world, it is about the time they got out there, pushed their boundaries and challenged themselves.

What is the Plan?

For Now, the plan is to revive this site, get some of the old blog content back online and work on getting new content out there. I would like to contact past instructors and get some stories and memories of their time on the wall. I would like to post some helpful content for those wishing to get into Abseiling or start their own tourism business.

And who knows, the star's may align and we get back to Jumping off buildings again...