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What Would It Take - DisneyXD - RAP JUMPING

DisneyXD Spiderman

Recorded: 8th August 2015
Aired: 4th August 2016

When it comes to dizzying heights, Spider-Man has no fear. Rap jumping instructor Damien Bradbury shows us that scaling large buildings really is as easy as it looks!

Video Transcription

Mikey: Spider-Man is an unrivalled climber. He can swing and run alongside buildings using his web for support. Ever wondered what it would take to have these skills? Hi. I'm Mikey Mendoza, professional skateboarder, and I'm here with Damien, Rap Jumping™ expert. So tell me, Damien, what exactly is Rap Jumping™?

Damien: Rap Jumping is face forward abseiling and today we're doing it off the top of a building just like Spider-Man.

Mikey: Where's the coolest place you've been rap jumping?

Damien: I've been Rap Jumping all over the place, but the coolest place would have to be right here in Melbourne off the top of a building.

Mikey: What skills do you think it takes to be an amazing climber just like Spider-Man?

Damien: Well, it would take a fair bit of fitness to be able to pull yourself around, of course, strength, but what I think is really important is, basically, fearlessness just like Spider-Man. All right, Mikey. First of all, we're gonna get you into this harness. This is a standard rock climbing harness. The only difference today is we're turning it back to front, enabling you to go forward.

Mikey: I think I'm ready to jump in face-first just like Spider-Man.

Damien: Exactly, let's do this.

Mikey: All righty guys, you know the drill. Do not try this at home. I've got my safety gear here including my harness, my gloves, and helmet too, so I'm ready to jump right into it.

Mary Jane: Are you scared?

Spider-Man: Oh, yeah. My spidey sense is tingling.

Mikey: I guess this is what Spider-Man feels like when he's climbing down buildings.

Spider-Man: I just webbed my shorts.

Mikey: Let's give it a go. Oh, gosh.

Damien: That's all you, Mikey. Perfect, well done. Beautiful, loosen that grip a bit more. All right, start jumping.

Mikey: Oh, wow, this is fun.

Damien: Beautiful.

Mikey: Damien, thank you so much, man. I couldn't believe it, flying down the building like that made it feel just like Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: That's right. I'm that good.

Mikey: Thanks, Damien. You've been absolutely great, mate. Well, I guess being Spider-Man isn't a walk in the park or climbing down a building for that matter. And if you want more Spider-Man action, don't forget to check out Marvel's "Avengers Assemble" right here on Disney XD.